General terms and condition


Chalet Chalupa (referred to as "We" or "Us" or "the Chalet" in this document) is operated by E.U.R.L. Chalupa, 302 rue de l'Essert, 74310 Les Houches, France.

The Hirer (referred to as "You" in this document) is 1) the person booking an entire chalet on behalf of a group of persons or 2) the person booking a bedroom or a number of bedrooms in the Chalet on behalf of two or more persons who will share the Chalet with other persons or 3) the person booking a bedroom in the Chalet on his/her own to share the Chalet with other persons.


These Terms and conditions constitute the entire Agreement between Us and You. By submitting the Booking form You confirm the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. You declare that you are aged 18 years or older and that You have the authority to act on behalf of the other persons constituting your group.

Rental purpose

You are renting the Chalet for the agreed period as holiday accommodation. No other use of the Chalet is permitted.

Rental period

The rental period starts at 16:00 on the first day and ends at 10:00 on the last day. The most typical rental period will be a calendar week starting and ending on a Saturday.

Our services

Hiring the Chalet at a price agreed between You and Us entitles you to receive the following services:

WINTER (December 1 to April 30)



Our services DO NOT include any of the following:


Booking process

We endeavour to keep the availability information on the Chalet website as fresh as possible, however, the booking process for some periods shown as available may already be in progress. For periods shown as available the booking process should be as follows:

1. You will contact us by email or telephone to find out if the dates you are interested in booking are available.

2. Upon confirmation of availability by us, You will fill in the booking form on the website and send it to us.

3. We will send you confirmation of availability and price and provide you with the necessary payment details. You will be required to pay a deposit of 30% of the agreed price within three days.

4. Upon receipt of your payment We will confirm your booking by email or letter and We will inform you when the balance of your payment is due in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.


Payment terms and cancellation conditions

You will be required to pay for your holiday at the Chalet in full 60 days prior to arrival date. The 30% booking deposit described above is applicable to bookings made 60 or more days prior to arrival. Bookings made for holidays starting in less than 60 days will be charged in full upon booking. In case of bookings made more than 60 days prior to arrival date, You will be required to pay the 30% deposit upon booking and then the balance no later than 60 days prior to arrival date. We will send you a reminder by email 5 days before the balance is due but it is Your sole responsibility to pay the balance in time. Your failure to do so will result in a cancellation of your booking and loss of deposit.

You have the right to cancel your booking subject to the following cancellation penalties:

Prior to making your booking You are strongly advised to take out a comprehensive travel insurance which will cover you for the case of having to cancel your holiday due to illness, injury or on account of personal or family matters.


Your responsibility

You will be required to behave responsibly during your stay in the Chalet. We will accept no damage to property and We will not tolerate any behaviour which would cause offence, annoyance or injury to other guests, Us, our staff, suppliers and neighbours. We reserve the right to terminate the holiday of any and all persons who whose behaviour will be deemed unacceptable by Us. The persons whose holiday will be termonated for unacceptable behaviour will not be entitled to any refund of the monies they had paid for their holiday and it will be their sole responsibility to make alternative accommodation and travel arrangements at their own cost.


Security deposit

You will be required to pay a security deposit which will be used to cover the cost of repairing any damage You may cause during your stay at the Chalet. We will ask you to sign a form entitling us to charge 1000 euros on your credit card. Your liability is, however, not limited to the sum of 1000 euros if any damage exceeding this sum occurs during your holiday at the Chalet. If there is damage exceeding the amount of 1000 euros We will make a protocol describing the extent of the damage and an estimate of the cost of its repair and ask you to sign it. You may then either pay the estimated amount or agree to pay the amount actually spent on the repair of the damage caused by You later. In the latter case We reserve the right to charge the amount equal to the actual cost of repair to Your credit card.


Special dietary requirements

We ask you to inform us of any special dietary requirements or allergies you may have at the time of booking. We will try our best to accommodate your special requirements, however, If they are such that they will require a significant change to Our menus or the need to cook any special dishes, We reserve the right to add the additional costs incurred by Us to your bill.



Smoking is strictly forbidden everywhere inside the Chalet.



Outside shoes or boots must not be worn in the Chalet. We keep a boxful of slippers for guests but you are advised to bring your own.


Chalet apartment

There is a self contained apartment with its own entrance on the lower ground floor of the Chalet. The apartment is rented out on an annual basis and its occupants are entitled to use the ski room as and when they need. Their use of the sauna and hottub is subordinated to Yours and arrangements will be made according to Your wishes on the day of your arrival.


Arranging third party services

We are happy to arrange third party services for you.Whenever applicable We will give You our personal opinion on such services. These may include the purchase of skipasses, equipment hire, restaurant and sports activity bookings, etc. All such bookings made on Your behalf are made at your own risk and We bear no responsibility for any damage, injury or lack of enjoyment incurred by You in connection with them.


Use of outdoor hottub

Our hottub is situated in the garden of the Chalet. We are in a residential area next door to an apartment building and another chalet and it is Our neighbourly duty to make sure that Our guests do not disturb Our neighbours. The hours of the use of the hottub are therefore limited to between 16:00 and 20:00. We reserve the right to permit responsible guests to use the hottub outside these hours or ban irresponsible guests from using the hottub altogether. It is strictly forbidden to bring glasses and glass bottles to the hottub. We will provide you with plastic alternatives should you wish to take your drinks with you to the hottub. Breaking glass in the hottub will result in the need to drain, clean and re-fill it. The cost of such operation is high and We would have to require You to cover it.



Generally We do not allow pets in the Chalet but in case of a group hiring the entire Chalet we may make an exception as long as We can be assured that all the members of the group are happy with this arrangement and that the pets are well looked after by their owners and their owners take full responsibility for any damage the pets may cause to property.


Ski hosting

Ski hosting offered as one of the services to You will be provided by the operator, one of the Chalet staff or one of our friends. The hosts who will accompany you on the slopes are not qualified mountain guides and can not provide the services expected from mountain guides. The hosts know the resort and the slopes well and will help you find Your way around. We take no responsibility for any injury or accidents incurred during the skiing sessions hosted by Us. The hosts are strictly forbidden to ski off-piste with You. If You decide to ski off-piste during the skiing session hosted by Us, you are doing so entirely at Your own risk.


Chalet Chalupa website

We endeavour to provide accurate and up-to-date information on this website. Links to third party websites placed on it are included in order to provide as much relevant information as possible. We promise to check regularly that the third party link information is relevant and up to date, however We bear no reponsibility for its accuracy.